The Original Master’s Heritage

How to apply the 4 Elements to the 22 Trump Cards

Preparation to unlock the original meaning of each Marseille Trump card:

  • On a table in front of you, arrange your 22 trump cards in two lines using the CODE 21 (see below)
  • Group the cards according to the patterns you discover within the matrix.
  • Almost every card will now occupy the location of one of vials representing the corresponding Element.
  • The Element gives an important clue as to it’s cards meaning and application.
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The CODE 21 – How to Discover the Secret Order

An only recently detected detail on Card I of the Tarot de Marseille contains a hidden numerical code that brings the Major Arcana into its initial order.

Around the year 2000, the French research team Jodorowsky/Camoin recognized three dice on an old card. The dice then went missing in later editions.

During our restoration of the original deck, we have returned this important detail to the card.
Right here on the table of the juggler:

The eyes on the three dice add up to the number 21.
Their discoverer, Alejandro Jodorowsky, proposed the value 21
as verification number to correctly pair the cards in the upper and lower row.

One immediately recognizes the hermetic interplay of contrasting aspects:

The self-confident juggler (1) is confronted with the Last Judgment (20).
The Pope (5) stands over the collapsing house of God (16).
The dilemma of the lover (6) becomes connected with the temptation of the devil (15) …

This juxtaposition creates its own, sometimes irritating context for each pair of cards,
which in turn offers valuable clues for the meaning of each individual card.

This is the Code 21 taken from Jodorowky’s book La Voie du Tarot. Surprisingly, he never applied it to the interpretation of own cards.





Get Your First Glimps of the Elements

The Elements were once regarded as cosmic agents of Nature.
Understanding their laws meant understanding the true nature of all things and events.

There are only 4 basic properties you have to remember.

Apply them and let the Elements guide you to discover the sense of the
original Renaissance Tarot game, known today as the Tarot de Marseille.

Some suggestions:

  • Investigate the special relationships between the cards facing each other in the two lines above and below.
  • Did you notice the 4 Elements forming a surrounding magic square?
  • What could the change of direction at cards X and XI indicate?
  • Do some of the configurations seem difficult to understand?

Unfortunately, in their redesigns, Waite and Crowley drastically changed the meaning of the game:

Waite replaced the original order by attempting to subject the sequence of cards to the zodiac cycle.
Crowley invented completely new names and meanings for his ‘Egyptian Tarot’ such as Lust, Art, Aeon.

The authors of the two most successful decks of the century have not only chosen to ignore the old system, but also made it completely incomprehensible.

Card reading can be done with many different decks and methods.
The secret wisdom of the Original Tarot Masters can only be brought to life
by their own original cards, today known as the Tarot de Marseille .

Limited edition of 750 copies

Original Tarot cards from 1760

Special edition with 4 additional Princesses for fluent card-reading

Die Tarot Karten Box

The Alchemy of the Four Elements for Tarot Readers and Afficionados.

For over 2000 years, philosophers and alchemists have used the Element’s lore to look behind the scenes of the visible and unseen world.
In the coming weeks and months, I will periodically add information and suggestions for how to apply the Four Elements in the original Renaissance Game.

  • Learn how to read tarot cards according to the Four Elements in no more than 15 minutes!
  • Use the magic square of the Elements  on card XXI to investigate tricky questions.
  • Discover card reading as a spiritual initiation into the Hermetic Arts.

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