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All friends of the Tarot de Marseille are invited to share and exchange insights & ideas.

Please, indicate the Tarot World Project as the source.

Have you ever experienced the annoying phenomenon on the Internet
finding the same information copied verbatim on different web pages?
Which was the original version?
Perhaps you would like to address the authors, but whom?
You may use passages from this website
– as long as you do not give the impression that you are their author,
– as long as you mark your changes and additions,
– as long as you indicate the following note on
the same page as the material used:
© 2020
All content on this website is based on in-depth research.
Please don’t give the impression that you have conducted it.
Please do not use the material for commercial purposes.
Thank you very much!

Swiss Copyright for Image and Word Quotations:

“Published works may be cited if the quotation is being used for explanation, reference or illustration purposes
and the extent of the citation is justified by that purpose.”   (Art. 25 URG)
Therefore, please do not copy any original and protected material into your web pages or books or articles without detailed commentary in your own words and style, citing the source.
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